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  • >> Dredger Launching by Marine Airbags
    Dredger called "OMID CHABAHAR" was launched successfully by Evergreen Marine Airbags on June,2007. The dimension of this dredger is 30m x 10m and lightweight is 400tons. After moving 200m by airbags, this dredger was launched successfully.
  • >> Oil Tanker Launching
    Launching 16,000DWT Oil Tanker by Evergreen Marine Airbags in Hongsheng Shipyard. We have launched many ships for this shipyards, such as "Hong Sheng 5", "Hong Sheng 7", "Dredger Ship" and so on.
  • >> Salvage and Refloatation for Wreked Ships
    Evergreen Airbags play a key role for the salvage and refloatation of wreked ships, which were damaged by hurricane in Burma.
  • >> 45,000DWT ATB Launching
    “Guo Yu Hai Bo No.1 ” was launched successfully by Evergreen marine airbags. This 45,000 DWT vessel is the biggest ATB all over the world. The total length is 204m, width is 33m, depth is 15.2m. The lightweight of launching is 9,000 tons, which created new record. Before launching, all the airbags were tested in order to meet the special requirement.
  • >> 500m Moving and Launching by Airbags
    A 1,200 tons landing craft built in SH.Darvishi Shipyard is moved through a distance of 500m from its orginal place to be launched by airbags.
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