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  • >> Lateral sway and Launching of Bulk Carrier
    Lateral say and launching of Bulk Carrier "Jin Tai Long". Under the help of Evergree Air-bags, after moving 12m transversely and 15m forward, "Jin Tai Long" launched successfully.
  • >> 13,500DWT Bulk Carrier Launching
    Launching of 13,500DTW by Evergreen Ship Launching Marine Airbags. The 7816 shipyard, which is the branch shipyard of Navy, launched 13,500 DWT Bulk Carrier successfully. It means Evergreen launching technology was approbated by Navy.
  • >> Two Launching Porjects for Same Ship-owner
    Two Launching Projects of Bulk Carrier for the same ship-owner by Evergreen Ship Launching Marine Airbags. After launching their fist ship on March.2007, we launched another ships successfully for them.
  • >> AHTS Vessel Launching in Indonesia
    AHTS Vessel Launching in Indonesia. Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessel can be used for fixing the position and installing the Offshore oil drilling equipment, and emergency rescue vessel. Because of the special structure, we must calculate the arrangment accurately. This project also is dramatic breakthrough of Evergreen Air-bags Launching Technology.
  • >> Ship Launching in Turkey
    11,000DWT ship was launched successfully in Turkey by shipyard themselves with the help of Evergreen Airbags. The LOA is 155.9m, the width is 148.40m, the depth is 12.6m.
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