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  • >> Rescue Grounded Barges by Airbags
    Under the help of Evergreen Airbags, our clients from U.S.A rescued the grounded barges successfully. During this project, Evergreen Airbags play a key role for the roll and refloatation.
  • >> Landing Floating Dock
    Landing floating dock use Evergreen Marine Airbags. The weight of this floating dock is 250 tons. The size is 30m by 12M. DISTANCE TRAVELED : 40 M UP THE 8% SLOP RAMP.
  • >>21,800DWT Bulk Carrier Launching
    Launching Bulk Carrier ‘Brasschaat’ by Evergreen Airbags.This is the record of biggest ship launched by airbags of all Nanjing’s shipyard. The total length is 179,9m, the total width is 28.4m, lightweight is 8,000 tons.
  • >> 55,000DWT Cargo Ship Launching
    55,000 DWT ship was launched successfully in Taizhou. This is the new world record of ship launching by Evergren Marine Airbags. This ship was named VICTORIA I, total length is 189.98m, width is 32.26, depth is 18m.
  • >> Olympic Torch Ship Launching
    This means our launching system has got the reputation and approval of government. Meanwhile, Evergreen will develop the spirit of Olympic to enhance our quality.
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