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Salvage & Refloatation Tube

Evergreen High-Pressure Savalge Tube (Refloatation Inflatable Airbags)
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In order to meet the requirements for the salvage and rescue industry, Evergreen-Maritime redesign the salvage tube (pontoon), which can be used as pontoons for supporting docks and other floating structures and they are also excellent for pip-laying and other underwater construction projects to supply buoyancy. But the main application of Evergreen Salvage Tube is in shipwreck salvage, floating bridge and dock construction rescue and remove of wrecked ships.

Evergreen Salvage Tube are very small in size while deflated with light weight. Thus, they can be esaily transported and deployed. They can be used vertically to bright the sunken ship out of deep water. When the boat is suspended near the surface they can be slung under the boat with one end on each side to raise the boat high enough out of the water to pump out. In shallow water, two bags can be slung together, one on each side of the boat, like pontoons. It is the better than the PVC marine salvage airbags. They can also be used as rollers for moving beached boats
back into the water, just like of Evergreen Ship Launching Airbags.

1. Special Synthetic-tire-cord layer material
Evergreen Salvage Tube are made with special Synthetic-tire-cord layer, which has more excellent performance than PVC coating fabric that are the main material of some Salvage Pontoon.

2. Hight-Pressure Design
Evergreen Salvage Tube has the maximum working pressure of 0.25Mpa. That mean Evergreen Salvage Tube can be used under 25m water-depth.
For other special project, Evergreen-Maritime also can make higher pressure salvage tube.

3. Holistic Screw Type Enlacing Salvage Airbags
Evergreen Salvage Tube is a totally enclosed tube construction with cone ends. It is manufactured by Holistic Screw technology. This design ensure there isn't any welded seam. So it's better than RF welded salvage airbags.

4. Equipped with whole accessories
Evergreen Salvage Tube is equipped with nylon straps and shackles with 6:1 safety factor.

Salvage Tube Buoyancy List

Effective        (m)
 Length (m)
Buoyancy (tons)
1 1.2 1.5 1.8 2
5 3.93  5.65  8.84  12.72  15.71 
6 4.71  6.79  10.60  15.27  18.85 
7 5.50  7.92  12.37  17.81  21.99 
8 6.28  9.05  14.14  20.36  25.13 
9 7.07  10.18  15.90  22.90  28.27 
10 7.85  11.31  17.67  25.45  31.42 
11 8.64  12.44  19.44  27.99  34.56 
12 9.42  13.57  21.21  30.54  37.70 
13 10.21  14.70  22.97  33.08  40.84 
14 11.00  15.83  24.74  35.63  43.98 
15 11.78  16.96  26.51  38.17  47.12 
16 12.57  18.10  28.27  40.72  50.27 
17 13.35  19.23  30.04  43.26  53.41 
18 14.14  20.36  31.81  45.80  56.55 

Testing and Quality:

Evergreen Management System is certified ISO 9001-2000 and follows each order during manufacturing procedures. Evergreen guarantees high standards and performances of all products. Customer requirements are strictly followed during all production phases. Evergreen relevant departments assure a procurement control on the raw and basic materials. All the material of Evergreen Airbags are selected in accordance with CB/T 3795.


Evergreen are very focused on the quality. We invest advanced inspection equipment.  100% airbags should be tested and inspected as per the requirement of CB/T 3795-2009 . Non conformed products are immediately rejected by Quality Control. The widely usage have been tested under rough condition. Our many satisfied customers are out best reference.


Evergreen welcomes inspection by its customer’s quality assurance departments and to their appointed agencies as CCS, Lloyd’s, DNV, or ABS.



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