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Foam Filled Marine Fenders

Foam Filled Floating Marine Fenders

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In order to enable safe ship-to-ship and ship-to-quay berthing operations and meet the most stringent quality and performance demands, Evergreen manufacturer and supply the foam filled marine fenders as an alternative to the normal pneumatic fenders, shock absorber and marine fenders (heavy and with a high reaction force).

Evergreen Foam Filled Marine Fenders, all share the same construction technology centred on a closed-cell PE (or EVA) foam core and an outer skin of reinforced PU elastomer. Evergreen marine fenders absorbs the impacts whilst the skin resists wear and tear in use any tough conditions, providing tough heavy-duty marine fendering systems for harbor, offshore and ship-to-ship applications.

Ever-Guard and Ever-Cushion foam filled marine fenders provide a tough reliable fendering system that is not only high energy absorbing with relatively low reaction force but will not fail if punctured. Compared to the typical pneumatic fender, the same sized Ocean Guard and Ocean Cushion marine fenders absorb up to 40% more energy. Additionally, since the internal construction consists of a solid heat laminated foam core, there is no need to maintain air pressure, inflation or relief valves, as with pneumatic fenders.

We supply the following types foam filled marine fenders:
 >> Ever-GuardTM Netless Foam Filled Marine Fenders 
 >>
Ever-CushionTM Netted Foam Filled Marine Fenders
 >> Small Shipboard Foam Filled Marine Fenders 
 >> Small Boat Foam Fenders System

l        High Energy, Low Reaction
The high elasticity of expanded PE or EVA ensures high energy absorption with low reaction force of foam filled marine fenders, which is essential to eliminate the risk of damage to the vessel hull.

The expanded PE is wrapped and welded around the steel core, and is covered by an high adhesion material and thickness of elastomer polyurethane that ensure foam filled marine fenders with goods abrasion and breaking resistance, which ensure foam filled fenders with a long performance even under strenuous conditions.

l        Unsinkable
Evergreen foam filled marine fenders are entirely made of closed cell foam that guarantees unsinkability even in case of damage caused by breaking, rupturing or shearing when hitting rough vessel sides. Ever cell is separate and so water cannot migrate into the foam fenders.

l        Strong Reinforcement
The Ever-Guard™ marine fenders skin is constructed of tough and thick nylon filament reinforced polyurethane skin, which provides foam fenders with unsurpassed strength.  The skins nylon tire cord is wrapped in a helix pattern and integrated within the skin itself. This advanced technique process makes the Ever-Guard™  marine fenders skin extremely durable to all weather, forces and marine conditions.

l        Wear Resistant
The polyurethane or SUPA elastomer is spray applied on foam marine fenders. This creates a high quality and homogeneous skin matrix combining extreme wear resistance with non-marking properties and the option of high visibility colors.

l        Enhancing Port Ability
The adoption of super size foam filled marine fenders enlarged the space between the ships and parapet of the wharf, and improves the depth of the berth, consequently improves the ability of loading/unloading, so as to create a new approach for upgrading the wharfs and improved the handling efficiency.

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