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Relevant Equipments and Accessories
Relevant equipment and accessories is the necessary part for Evergreen Airbags System.

1. The necessary accessories for Evergreen Airbags self
Including air tightness swivel and airbags safety air inlet, these accessories will be supplied with Evergreen Airbags together.

Air Inlet of Evergreen Airbags       Swivel of Evergreen Airbags

2. The relevant equipments during Launching/Landing, Salvage/Refloatation, Heavy Lifting/Conveying
When we do the launching/landing project, we will use the following equipments.
Air Compressor, Winch, Steel Wire Rope, Pulley System , Nylon Rope, Air Rubber Tube…
(All these above accessories will be supplied upon the clients’ special request.)

Air Compressor for Ship Launching  Evergreen Airbags Air Rubber Tube for Evergreen Airbags

Pulley System for Evergreen Airbags System Pulley System Winches for Evergreen Airbags System

3. The relevant equipments for the maintenance and repair Evergreen Airbags
Maintenance and repair is key part of Evergreen Airbags, after using for many times, when there is air leakage, identified the crack propagation, any seriously damage, we should patch the airbags.
Thermostat (temperature controller), Heating Plate, Thermometer, Steel Shelf, Repair rubber material, Some Wood block, Lifting Jack…
(All these above accessories will be supplied upon clients’ special request.)

Thermostat (temperature controller)       Thermometer, Steel Shelf

To get more information about maintenance and repair Evergreen Airbags, please contact us for the Maintenance and Repair Manual.

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