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Project Engineering & Design

Project Engineering & Design

“Finding Chance, Inventing Solution”

Based on Ever-safeTM experienced construction, Evergreen prides itself on providing innovative solutions to complex engineering problems. Excepting our standard criterion of our selected industry, we also don't provide the standard solution; we design, develop, analyze and produce the optimum solution. Evergreen designs and manufactures solution-based engineered subsea products that cut installation time, enhance project performance and increase service life.


Engineering and design services include:

>> Product Design Services
Design and development optimum products according to customers detailed and specifical project condition. Optimal marine fenders, airbags, buoyancy products will be supplied suitably.


>> Project Analysis
Because of the special of each shipyard’s condition, our engineers will evaluate and analyze the detailed project condition in order to ensure our clients get the best solution.


>> Fieldwork Analysis
According to the requirement of clients, we supply the service of fieldwork analysis.  


>> Commission and Training Service
In order to ensure the finish the project successfully, we supply the commissioning service. And training clients’ workers ensuring they can handle by themselves.


>> Maintenance Service

We teach our clients whole maintenance technical personally. And supply all the related equipment freely in order to increasing the service life of our products. 


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