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Manufacturing and Testing

Manufacturing and Testing


Evergreen’s manufacturing facility has taken advantage of recent developments in material, plant and processing techniques to install a highly efficient manufacturing facility, and equipped with complete testing facilities. Our facility represents a major advance in the way marine fenders, floating pneumatic rubber fenders, marine airbags and buoyancy products are manufactured.

Each facet of day-to-day operations integrates human, technical and material resources for optimum production and customer satisfaction. Evergreen guarantees high standards and performances of all products. Customer requirements are strictly followed all production phases. Evergreen marine research centre assures a procurement control on the raw and basic materials.


Evergreen have all the necessary equipment and personnel to conduct a wide range of material testing and factory acceptance testing. All products and materials are subjected to a rigorous programmed of qualification and process control including:


  l         Performance Test, Parallel Compression Test

  l         Angular Compression Test

  l         Durability Test

  l         Compression-recovery Test

  l         Puncture-resistance Test

  l         Air-leakage Test

  l         Hydrostatic-pressure Test

  l         Material Test (physical properites)

  l         Water Absorption Test

  l         Full Scale Buoyancy Test

  l         Fit-up and Assembly Test

  l         Weight and Dimensional Inspection

  l         Hydraulic Blasting Test


All the related tests are carried out strictly according to the international industry standard.


Meanwhile, up to the requirement of our clients, the certificate can be done by Classification Society and International Organization.


Technology Standard (Pls contact us to get)
>> CB/T 3837-1998 Technological Requirements for ship Upgrading or Launching Relying on Air-bags

      (Shipbuilding Industry Standard, PRC)

>> CB/T 3795-1996 / CB/T 3795-2009 Air bag for ship up to or down to launching way

      (Shipbuilding Industry Standard, PRC)

>> ISO 17357:2002 Ships and marine technology - High-pressure floating pneumatic rubber fenders

>> CB/T 3837-2001/ GB/T 21482-2008 Marine Pneumatic Rubber Fenders

       (Ships Technology, PRC)


>> ISSA Code 43.026.00 FOAM FENDERS


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