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Market Application

Market Application


Our market based on our in-deep application know-how:


l         Port Construction Industry, and Berthing Defence System

Supplying all kinds and specification floating fenders system and fixing fenders system to protect ships and docks.


l         Ship-suppliers & Services

The widest floating pneumatic fenders, foam filled fenders for ship-to-ship and ship-to-quay operation


l         Shipbuilding & Repair Industry:

Airbags for ship Launching and landing, conveying of ships


l         Salvage & Refloatation Industry

Wrecked ship salvaging, refloatation of sunken ships


l         Building, Hoisting and Moving Industry

Lifting and transporting of heavy weight objects, Caissons launching


l         Offshore oil & energy, subsea communications and oceanographic industries

The widest range of surface and subsurface buoyancy and elastomeric products and service


l         Polyurethane Industry

The widest range of PU products covers a wide variety of offshore and ship applications.


l         Other marine Industries

        Pneumatic rubber core for use of architecture engineering;

        Container for storing or transporting ags and luquid;

        Rubber bags for use of ship ballast;

        Airbags for erecting floating bridge and pipeline




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