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R & D

  • Materials
    For our selected products, the most critical factor is material selection which is based on operational parameters including lifting requirements, operating depth and environments, and other factors in order to deliver cost effective products fit for purpose. . Based on our comprehensive experience, you and your project will benefit from the most suitable and cost effective solutions available.
  • Manufacturing and Testing
    Evergreen’s manufacturing facility has taken advantage of recent developments in material, plant and processing techniques to install a highly efficient manufacturing facility, and equipped with complete testing facilities. Our facility represents a major advance in the way marine fenders, airbags and buoyancy products are manufactured.
  • Innovative Solutions
    Because of the variety of specific application, Evergreen allows for the innovative design, engineering and manufacture of marine fenders, launching / salvage airbags, underwater air-lift bags, buoyancy products to solve customer needs. Whether it’s condition, Evergreen will provide the optimum solution for your specific project.
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